Installing Anaconda on Manjaro(Archlinux)

December 25, 2019

Anaconda defaults it's installation to /opt including its own python environments. This can be a problem because /opt requires root permission to write to. To avoid conflicts, we don't want to install conda from the AUR. Anaconda is pretty much the one thing you don't want to install from the AUR.

How to Install

Download the script from official website(I recommend installing miniconda):

Run the script to install bash ~/Downloads/

Activate the conda base env source <path to conda>/bin/activate

This allows running conda from anywhere conda init

Make conda not activate automatically when launching a terminal conda config --set auto_activate_base False

Handy Commands

Activate an environment conda activate [env name]

Deactivate an environment conda deactivate

Create a new environment conda create -n [env name] python=3.6

  • version is optional
  • -n specifies the name of the env

Remove an env conda remove --name [env name] --all

List environments conda env list

Viewing a list of the packages in an environment conda list -n [env name] if not activated conda list if activated

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