Setting up touchpad gestures on Manjaro

December 25, 2019

Want to use cool gestures to increase productivity like those macbook users but don't want do be consumed by the overpriced Apple ecosystem? I've got good news for you. You can actually use gestures on linux as well.


A few things you need to install

  • gesture-manager-git
  • libinput-gestures


After installing these you need to add you user to the input group for the gestures to take effect. sudo usermod -a -G input [user]. (Make sure to re-login after running this.)

Then, run gesture-manager in the terminal to launch the gesture manager.(For some reason I can't open it in the menu)

gesture manager

You are pretty much done! Now set up gestures with xdotool commands(basically a command line tool that presses keys for you). If you are using KDE, SEE HERE for a list of shortcuts for your reference.

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